Kocostar Korean Face Masks

AD – I was gifted products by Kocostar UK, but all views are my own

Ever since I traveled to Korea, I have been fascinated by Korean skin care products; everything from face masks to cleansers to those tiny patches for hydrating your eyes. If you’ve ever visited Seoul, you will know yourself, that it’s not easy to pass a number of beauty stores without being enticed in. It was the stores in Hongdae, where my discovery of K-beauty began through the purchase of my very first Korean face masks and from there, I was hooked!

With an admiration for the highly effective skin care routines Koreans have adopted, to transform their skin, I was delighted when Kocostar offered me some Korean skin care products to try for myself. Kocostar are a leading Korean cosmetic company, who have face masks available to purchase right here in the UK via Danielle Creations. I’m so excited to be able to share this brand with you, as the beauty stores here have been lacking k-beauty sections for a while, so Kocostar and Danielle Creations have solved the very dilemma, K-beauty fans have when trying to get their hands-on new products.

I tried three of Kocostar’s slice mask sheets in cucumber, strawberry and kiwi flavour. My initial impressions were that the fruit infusions and added vitamin C would be the perfect combination for relaxing and accelerating my skin’s hydration – and I wasn’t wrong!


Danielle Creations also shared a very handy tip with me, she suggested cutting the masks and applying them where they are most needed.

I’ve shared more details about the masks on my Instagram but if you’re looking to revolutionise your skin care routine, why not try a Kocostar face mask to find out for yourself, just how good they are!

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