Lancaster’s Secret Garden

The enchantment of exploring, is like the magic that runs through fairy tales and lustfully wraps itself into the adventures of travellers. Perhaps that’s the reason why I fondly look at maps, plan new trips and keenly scribble down locations that I’m eager to see. Though it can be easy to clamber on a plane and travel to the latest Instagram worthy locations, I have always known that some of the less known and arguably the prettiest places can be found right on your doorstep. Previously, I lived in Lancaster for three years but despite this, yesterday I had my very first encounter with one of the quaintest spots nestled next to Lancaster Castle.

As a child, watching the Secret Garden had always led me to be encapsulated by the fantasy of tiny alley ways, doors in walls and the thrilling discovery of unknown spots such as the classic movie’s Secret Garden at Misselthwaite Manor. Still obsessed with the magic of secret places, you can imagine how excited I was when I spotted the sign for a garden inviting the public to enter; The sign certainly lured me in through its arched alley, up its steps and into its garden.

the storey 3

Entering the gardens, I glimpsed its charm woven throughout its wild flowers, stone walls and its dainty potting shed. The stoned paths led me to each of its flower beds and offered me a chance to admire each corner of the hidden gem. Caught up in the silence of the space, it wasn’t until I was leaving the garden that I noticed a diligent gardener restoring the tulip flower beds, and it was at this point that I realised how lucky Lancaster must be to have its very own Secret Garden! I was pleased to be greeted by The Storey’s friendly gardener who noted their friend had dressed in red to match the tulips!

the storey 4the storeythe storey 2

It’s worth mentioning at this point that the grounds of the garden are managed by The friends of The Storey Gardens a group who aim to revive the garden. It’s FREE to enter and can be accessed from Castle Park.


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